If you are one of those who like to go down more than up...

If the wide and quiet slopes bore you...

If you are looking for a stage route with the best descents, long and technical we have your route:
Andorra Bike Tracks in ENDURO version.

A route in stages, from 2 to 5 days, designed to take advantage of the best trails and trialeras of Andorra without having to worry about how to get there, because so that more meters of NEGATIVES than positives can be made, we take care of the ski lifts, either by van, or with the gondola lifts of the bike ressorts.

A route suitable for experienced cyclists, who are not looking for a route for beginners and look for this type of routes specifically to enjoy the long descents. Despite the approximations, the physical demand is also there, because in many points we will be above 2,300m, even 2,600m at some point and descents of more than 1,200m of unevenness are made, where the physical part also becomes an important factor.

Adrelin and excitement in each of the long and technical descents where we will enjoy changes of terrain (stones, roots, jumps, elevations, water, etc.), where we must always be attentive to the brakes, and at some point, stop and contemplate the impressive views that Andorra offers us. At the end of the descent we carry us and your bikes again, and go for the next one!

Depending on the days of duration and level, we adapt to the routes with about 40km a day of descents through mountains and impressive forests.

At the same time, enjoy a good and well-deserved rest in the hotels that we have selected for you and your bike. A fantastic way to get to know the best descents in a whole country, without having to worry more than choosing the dates that best suit each cyclist, the rest, is up to us!

100% adaptable

Si no disposes de 3 dies, o en disposes de més, ens adaptem i personalitzem la teva ruta/estada; t’oferim més tracks / etapes per recórrer (XC, Enduro o DH), o altres activitats. Vens amb família? Us proposem una sèrie d’activitats turístiques alternatives/complementàries per gaudir-ho junts durant cada una de les etapes.

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